Templates are reusable object and scene designed specifically to suit your industry and customized with features according to your requirement, additional plugin and system development kit is optional depending on how far you want to go, PC & Mac compatible, entire production is for sale.
* Blender.org, 2D/3D animation - 360° video.
* Addon ($), 3D game engine, 3D web viewer.
* Web design software - app widget compiler.
Workflow without a single line of code. the template solution help to get started in the shortest time, plenty of advanced tutorials at YouTube for one to excel, you won't find these anywhere.
Anti piracy
The process above makes 3D publication worthless to steal that cannot be reverse engineered because it is not an algorithm but random destruction.
Software & hardware compatibility
Some computers may not be suitable for 3D production, additional SDK installation or switching script location path is required depending on the choice of plugin preferred.
Optimum texture mapping
All 3D programs follow the programmer standard, that is why it is so difficult to learn, 100% pixel seam alignment is impossible but human experties can.