You wish there is a software that can do 2D-3D & Video
yet easy enough to operate...

2D  video  3D  Web all  in  one
It is open source (FREE) is the answer
YouTube tutorial and documentation is not optimized for production, you are likely to spend hours in these videos and still not able to create anything presentable.
Your choice
The solution
Start with templates that can be modified into new creations and deliver 2D-3D animation in the shortest time, the most practical way to generate income while learning.
The internet is in transition from 2D Multimedia into 3D Rich-Media with interactive animation, what software is not a secret, anyone can learn, the competition is skill and creativity where experience makes the difference.
Enter the last frontier in visual publication, eventually,  graphic & web design must adopt 3D technology in a data driven society and these templates will facilitate the process, because need one - make one - sell once is not efficient.
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